Who we are

Coworking Management & Consultancy Company or CMCC is a global coworking consultancy for a well-advised inception and the subsequent skillful management of private, public and corporate coworking spaces. We offer a variety of services from the area of strategies and operational reform, to the support for the introduction of the central management system and also for the operation and maintenance after the system start-up.

We offer the following services to manage the daily operations at your coworking space

Monthly billing

You can get the overview and analytics of the users’ payment methods and exact paid amounts through this feature, thus helping in an efficient calculation of your overall revenue.

Monthly user tracking

Here you can view the frequency of presence and participation of users over the period of a month.

Reaching potential customers

We will help you find the right customers for your company’s growth in the right direction adapting various reliable and established approaches.


Monthly user queries

Track the various questions of your users and the respective response over a month through this feature.

Pre-launching User Acquisition


Through various campaigns we can establish the stage for the launch of your company, so that as soon as it arrives in the market, majority of the people already know what is it about and what to expect.

Word of Mouth

The more people the advertisements reach, the more will it spread across the community and thus acquiring a larger range of potential customers.


You can arrange for a wide variety of offers starting from “free iPhone giveaway” to “up to 50% discount on first ten purchases” to attract more users to your campaign.

Social Media sites

There is no way to have any word of mouth without investing in the popular social networking websites and mobile apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more are the most popul

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Market Research

Based on your target market and customers, we determine the best scheme for you to go forward with, to achieve your goal of profit maximization.

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Google Adwords

Billions of people visit Google everyday to find answers to their necessary queries and any of them performing a search relevant to your business can be brought to your website wit

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