Day-to-day Operation Management / Back-office Operation

Back-office Operation

Most of the coworking management software are expensive for small coworking spaces. The software costs about $229/month for space with 80 members and then you have to have an additional staff to manage. We provide you a substitute by handling the back-office management functions. We keep track of the daily progress of your members towards achieving the company’s goal so that you can have a measurable view of the productivity of your business.

We offer the following services to manage the daily operations at your coworking space

Monthly billing

You can get the overview and analytics of the members’’ payment methods and exact paid amounts through this feature, thus helping in an efficient calculation of your overall revenue.

Monthly user tracking

Here you can view the frequency of presence and participation of members over the period of a month.

Reaching potential customers

We will help you find the right member for your company’s growth in the right direction adapting various reliable and established approaches.


Monthly user queries

Track the various questions of your members and the respective response over a month through this feature.